Mridangam Kit [Mridangam + Thoppi + Stand + Tuner + Cover + Glabe]

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The Mridangam kit is a complete package comprising of the Mridangam itself and everything that you need to play, tune and maintain it in the most comfortable and effective way possible. This kit comes with a Professional Quality Mridangam carved to perfection by professional Mridangam-Makers under the personal supervision of maestro Prapancham Shri Ravindran, a Foldable Mridangam Stand that holds the instrument firmly while playing/practising, Tuner Set - Kallu (Tuning Stone),  Pullu (Fiber mould sticks) and Aapu (to tune the left hand side), Glabe that elegantly wraps the instrument, Thoppi (cap for the right hand side) and a Cover to protect and carry the instrument safely.

You save $10 by buying as a set.